x5+, Lem5, D5+ the same?


the finow x5+, Lemfo Lem5 and the No.1 D5+ seems all the same?

Can´t find the differences!?

Nevertheless the differences are there.
X5+ and Lem5 share the same hw but software is little different, Lem5’s straps have different design.
D5+ has different display 1.3" LCD vs the 1.39" AMOLED of the X5+/Lem5 and different PCB.
And X5+/Lem5 have 3 buttons (Back,Power-Home,Menu) while D5+ has only 1 button (Power-Home).

Ah yeah. Thank you.

From the software side, is there a “winner”?
What manufacturer from this 3 is know for a better support?

Here’s a hint (link)