X5 Air Firmware update - GPS

I flashed the latest firmware onto my X5 Air today (goo.gl/A1i3yB).
I’ve had problems with the GPS since I got the watch and thought that the firmware update might fix it, but it didn’t…

I installed the GPS Test app and tried to get a fix, but it couldn’t fix to any sat.
Then I installed the MTK Engineering app and did a GPS Test, and after 10-20 seconds I had a fix to seven or eight sats.
Went back into the GPS Test app and I still couldn’t get a fix.
Same thing happens with Waze and Google Maps…

This is kind a deal breaker for me, since I got the watch thinking it could replace my phone on the golf course (using Swing by Swing).
But since Swing by Swing can’t get a GPS-fix it’s useless.

Any ideas what causes this?