Would it be possible to make calls via Wi-Fi?

I can’t stop thinking about the problem of not being able to receive and make calls via bluetooht on smartphones with Android 7.1.
I would like to ask a question to those who know about this. Would it be possible to make calls via Wi-Fi? Since today many operators offer the possibility of making calls via Wi-Fi in our smatphon. And since it is possible to create a Wi-Fi point from the samartphon and use it for our samartwatch. Will it be possible to make Wi-Fi calls with the watch? I am trying but I recognize that my computer skills are very scarce.

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VoWiFi won’t make it any easier to use the watch to make calls through the phone, but you might be able to use VoWiFi on your watch if that’s of any interest


im currently using:

voice call - google hangouts dialer / google hangouts
video call - google duo (video messages mostly)

to perform free wifi calling/video calling via watch.

keep in mind that the video calling time length is only roughly 5 mins depending, then the watch will overheat and terminate the call.

for voice calls i simply raise wrist, which turns on wifi via macrodroid during screen on action, give it 1-2 seconds, then say “ok google call bro” which auto opens hangouts dialer with my bros contact, and tap the dial button.


Google Hangouts Dialer / Google Hangouts, are app only for USA, isn’t it? I live in Spain. What I propose is an app that makes WiFi calls through the mobile’s WiFi

hangouts dialer should be available everywhere, google voice on the other hand is only available in the US

With my question I did not mean to make calls with app that allow you to connect with friends who have them installed via WIFI. I was referring to whether it is possible, since you cannot make bluetooht calls on android 7.1, if it would be possible to make them via WIFI, using the telephone line. Since many telephone companies allow WIFi calls with our smartphone line. That our smartwatch can do it with that line via WIFI. And so make and receive all calls. I don’t know if I explain myself well, my English is not very good

I make WiFi calls directly from my prime I can choose which I prefer mobile or WiFi.

yep the new trend after volte is the VOWIFI

but as per i guess (not shoure)
it is hardwre specific like one plus devices have options in the internal phone settings to enable it

I just wondered about using whatsapp for calls and messages? When I’ve been abroad I used this in hotels so I didn’t get roaming charges.

If your phone is a hotspot and the wifi of the watch doesn’t drain the battery to fast or cause it to overheat would this be a better solution due to bluetooth calls not working on 7.1.1?

I’ve used this on kospet prime . Doesnt seem to drain battery when turned " off " in battery saver . Used for video calls over wifi . Its a good app