Worth waiting for the TICWRIS MAX?

The look and specs of this upcoming watch appear near identical to the LEM T. It does have face unlock which I don’t care about. I was planning to order a LEM T soon, but if the MAX has other significant improvements (esp. manufacture quality) I’ll wait for it.

I’d go for the lem t if I were you
btw, where does it say the ticwris max comes from kospet?

It was originally posted as a Kospet at Banggood but I guess that was a mistake. Since it’s not a Kospet I’m not as interested. Nothing against TICWRIS I just don’t have experience with them.

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This isnt a Kospet watch . We are informed about new upcoming watches and this isnt one of them :wink:


Yes! Worth getting over the LEMFO LEMT because of the new firmware:


Loving the watch on my first day after set up. I did a video witch I will edit down and put out. Overall good stuff. The display is fantastic but Wiiwatch 2 just isn’t working for me but I am going to wipe and reload just to see. User error is always first to check.

I’ve picked up the Ticwris Max and here are my observations and notes.

  • First - UPDATE, not the firmware on the watch, but apps on the Android OS.
    Until you get Google updated, you won’t be able to download much from the Play store.
  • Second - remember, this is Android OS, meaning, really (to me) this is a micro-format phone/tablet (mablet?). What we really have here is a launcher (like Nova) except that the stock launcher runs a clockskin that is showing you a watch face.
    Remember this fact as it will help in understanding how to use/setup your watch.
  • Ditch WiiWatch 2 app to manage your phone/watch connection. Get the Watch Droid Phone for your phone, and Watch Droid Assistant for your watch - DO THIS NOW it’s really, really worth it, and worth the purchase price to get the premium features.
    *Launchers - the launcher is what renders the screen for you to look at and it controls how you interact with the device. One of the first things you need to do is force your watch to always be in landscape mode. I use and app called Rotation Pro (app store - HDM Dev Team - $2.99 for pro version). Because AndroidOS is used on phones, the default and often forced orientation is Portrait, Rotation Pro you can force landscape - note that you will have to go into settings on the app so that this app will start after a reboot. Apps like YouTubeTV will start in landscape mode with this app installed (and force landscape set), otherwise they toggle to portrait when choosing a channel/video, and then the landscape for full screen watching (very annoying!)
    The Launcher I’ve currently settled on is Nova, the same one I used on my phone.To display my time and date, I use an app called Digital clock Xperia, it’s big enough to be a watchface on the screen. I have tried Win X Pro Launcher (now called Computer Launcher by Pro Themes and Launchers), Universal Launcher (from the forums here), and Liner Launcher (also from the forms here), I’ve currently settled on Nova because I know it and own it on my phone.
    Remember - the TicWris Max battery is big, but there is aggressive background app management, meaning that when your watch goes to sleep, most apps are killed. This is a problem for things like widget updates, and so much more. So, remember this, as you add apps, if it’s important they run when the screen is off, you need to exclude them from battery management - on the watch under Settings->More->Background Cleaner->Battery Saver, tap to list apps and toggle the setting to include (on/right) or exclude (off/left).
  • I’ve been using this watch for well over 2 weeks now, battery life is very good, with moderate to heavy use (no SIM, but I have 100’s of notifications from my work messaging app) you can expect 1.5-2 days. With a SIM, just today I observed that from 100% in the morning until almost 9PM, just about 13 hours (according to the battery in settings, I have 3 hours left at 21%), fairly heavy notification usage, wake on wrist ON, most of the usage is screen time, cell standby clocks in a 2%, so screen time today was killing me.
  • I urge you to find and install Floating Toucher, it helps manage frequent settings, and also get the free Volume slider, quick adjustment of audio levels.
    That’s it for now, I’m planning a more extensive review/write up with my observations in the near future - I’m waiting for my KronosBlade Genesis to arrive (at the end of April we’re told).
    All the best and very happy to be a Full Android Watch forum member and watch user.

some new experience??? :love_you_gesture:

so… i’ve had my Max since January and have been loving it. however it seems like the last couple of firmware updates have been crappy. had been running flawlessly up until after update 1.6, the last two after that seems to crash a lot and use a lot of CPU and battery. and it would freeze at least twice a day and reboot itself. updated to 1.9 today and it’s at least not restarting the entire watch, but the main launcher is still freezing and resetting from time to time. hope they address this, or i will go back to the original firmware.

Did you performed a factory reset after updating? Normaly it solves such problems.

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Getting a TW Max soon.Do you recommend Staying with the original firmware for a while or did the Factory Reset fix the problems?

I have a simple question how do I set up my lemfot or dm98 in America using what exact network metro Verizon say not compatible please help me

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did a reset and still the same. didn’t have this problem up until 1.6

I have just got my Ticwris Max and can relate to some of your notes…

I have a rotation lock that I have used before but still sometimes loses the lock and at times will go back to portrait mode. I want an iron clad lock that will never allow it out of landscape. I will try the one you recommended.

I have never kept the stock launcher, mostly because I have no interest in the fitness apps and I don’t like the generic layouts. I have tried Nova and used that on my Lemfo LEM4 Pro and was very happy with it. For this new watch I have been trying the “Launcher for Win 10” If set up right it works very well. I have tweaked it to my liking and so far so good.

I will have to look at your battery saving issues… I have been noticing when I first unlock the phone when out and about and say ok google it can take a while to respond. I think it is because of battery sleep issues.

My initial thoughts on the device is that initially I was freaked out about the size… it is considerably bigger then my Lem 4 pro but the screen… wow… The size from my round face to Lem 4 was a big step, this is just as big of a step again.

One thing I am having to really get use to is the weight. It is considerably more heavy than the Lem 4… While the band has and advantage that it moulds to the wrist better the negative to that is that it cannot lie flat anymore. Have to be careful when putting it into luggage etc

Face unlocking works very well.