Work in progress­čść

Work in progress­čść

OoohÔÇŽ looks promising!!

I am very curious how you resolve the linear movement.

@zsolt_m It is not actualy a linear motion. It change by second and a digit is made by 3 normal number and 2 flated numers(where is second line)

@Lucian_Adrian_Enache Okay, well see, good looking!

How do I read this? Is it 20:00, feb 26, 20% battery?

@Ronald_Jansen You will find out if you download. It is on x series group.

Hi @Lucian_Adrian_Enache , would you please post a download link since I cannot locarte the x eries group you mentioned above. Thanks a lot.

Here is download and post link:

Thanks Lucian !

Thanx man! I really like it!

@Ronald_Jansen I am glad you like it.