Work in progress. New unseen features :) check video

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Multiple modes and looks. Also heart rate sensor picks up heart rate. Launches apps too.

Stock launcher Lem 10 possibly square ratio.

This is cool. No array types were hurt during the making.


Very interesting . No wonder u have been quiet for a while :wink:

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Wow, that’s a great new feature. Can’t wait to learn more.


Whoa, nice job!
cool disclaimer tho :laughing:

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great looking forward for more, unseen.

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It’s just LUA language. Not really usable .watch file in universal launcher either, it’s for the watchmaker apk for full android watches. I tried gimmicking different array types but in a completely different language. There are some shortcomings but not too bad all in all

@R_Sauvalle Glad to see you are still around mate! :+1: Like @Dr_Andy_Vishnu, I was beginning to wonder about you not showing up on the Forum for a while! I still have that “Card” watch face that you made for me when I first joined the forum and it is still getting plenty of good remarks! This face, like every face you make, sure looks interesting! :thinking: Cheers, Doons


Very kind you are

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Where can you download this watchface?

You cannot . He hasnt finished it yet . Work in progress


Straight to the point.
well, it would technically be a infraction to house rules to release this watch as there’s no way i could create a clockskin version to go with this. Also this watchface will work on any of the launchers but It would require full android watchmaker apk created by @theStrix here:

So if you create a clockskin that looks like this and has no functions, all conditions would be met to publish this one…:wink:

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lol, yeah well, I guess I could cook something up? None of it is in WFD as of now

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