With great thanks to Olaf Habbes I would like to share a personal favorite

With great thanks to @Olaf_Habbes I would like to share a personal favorite in the line of hybrids (Analog + Digital or Digilog). This took a minute to port as many a file didn’t transfer to CSM and had to be edited in, and had to do a few minor image tweaks with Olaf’s approval of the finished face. With an added “depth” layer the yellow band really pops on our amoled screen! Hope you guys like it like I do.
EDIT: first link was pulled for a few as needed to add shading to the digital window for better depth. back up now.



Looks good on my wrist. Thnx

thx my bro…very good

Please again link download.

Please Casio watch g-shock shock and Casio edifice efa, ema Casio is The Best

@Tomasz_Preto The edifice 552 is the only one do-able from me. I will post it in just a minute.

thank you nice …

do you have any zip file for finow x5 watch friend

Is this an android wear watch face? Or will it work on the stand alone android watches?

The first link will give you a site with Wear version DL.

it’s in the OP.

This is a port from a Wear face, the “drive link” has the zip for the X5 and D series stand-alone watches.

Another fantastic face, thank`s Henry

Looks fantastic! Tx ! +1