Witch Hazel Model Sheet

Another rare Looney Tunes character in a model sheet, Witch Hazel…Another one also where i match up a 1080p image onto a model sheet that did not have a image of her. Works very well…Took the model sheet, change the background color and removed the middle…only had her name and copyrights…check the credits on the model sheet…Has a custom second hand of her when she was changed by a spell she put on bugs but he had a mirror and it bounced back on her…to which the genie of the mirror comes out and chases her as a younger beautiful witch to end out the cartoon…memories…Enjoy

Version 1


Version 2


Credits - Warner Brothers Animation, Model Sheet, Color Image of Witch Hazel, Second Hand Image

Dropbox Link - Version 1 & Version 2


Ah Labby! Your stuff is a trip down memory lane…if only I could remember back that far! :woozy_face: :crazy_face: Great face mate! :+1: :+1: Cheers, er…er…oh yes! Doons! :rofl:

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