Windows 95(Retro)

Hello to everyone. Iam new here. I made clockskin. I dont know its bad or good and I wanted to share.



Pretty cool, but you have to add a Microsoft credit link. Please edit your post.

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Great first effort . Welcome

Oh thanks i will do

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Welcome to the Forum @RO98. :+1: Great idea for a watch face. Looking forward to seeing some more of your creations in the future mate! Cheers, Doons

Thanks Doonsbury I will do my best.

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Like you, I started out using ClockSkinMaker and after discovering the vastly superior Watch Face Designer ( I never looked back. Give it a try and soon @Doonsbury will be singing your praises!

There are still some changes in watchfaces I’m doing in CSM… :wink:

I’ll look forward to them…

Ah doubledad…my poor, misguided, musically challenged friend :crazy_face: it is obvious that you have never heard the dulcet tones ( :woozy_face:) that issue from the Doons vocal chords when they are in full flight! However, since you brought up the subject, here is an old sea ditty that was popular with the lads…Hmmmmm…me…me…me…'We are the crew of the good ship Venus, by God you should have seen us…the figure head was a …damn and blast! Wouldn’t you know it! The old vocal chords gave out at just the wrong (Or is that right? :rofl:) moment! Cheers, Doons