Will Optimus 2 bear the SS strap load?

Hi Experts,

Just bought a SS strap for my Optimus 2. Obviously, it is heavy as compared to silicone or a leather strap.

My question is, will Optimus 2 (the holders) bear the weight of SS strap?. Is it OK to use such a strap?

@pablo11 and @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

The watch will survive. However, there is a special risk with metal bracelets: if the charging cable accidentally loosens, the magnets may connect it to the bracelet. This can destroy the charging cable - or even the house you live in.


As well as what @G1NT0N1C has said, please understand that the steel strap will have an impact on cellular reception.
It has also been noted that it may cause wifi interference.
If you use a Sim card and cellular reception - you will notice an increase in battery drain.
This is because the antennas are inside the watch.
This is also why the watch body is not metal.

So, with this information you can make your choice about what strap to use.



Thanks for your valuable inputs!

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@pablo11 thanks for a detailed perspective. I got the answer…stay away from a SS strap. Period. Money just went in drain :slightly_smiling_face:


Well, it depends on how you use your watch.
If you prefer not to use any data/RF you will be fine.
When you are at home close to WiFi it should be ok.
But if you use a Sim card…probably better to use a regular strap.

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But have a look at this post:
-WARNING: Risk of fire from LEM10 charging cable

I also use a stainless steel bracelet and have no problems with wifi or SIM card. The charging cable is also not a problem because the bracelet is made of stainless steel and is therefore not magnetic.

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That is not necessarily true just because the magnets will not stick. It may only take momentary contact between two metals for current to flow and the cable to possibly weld itself to the metal band. May be remote but it is a possibility.

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Apart from probable short circuit issues can you please let me know if Optimus 2 can bear the weight of SS strap?. Have you examined the strap holders?. Is their any kind of wear?.

No problems reported.

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no problem

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Same here . All good :+1:


You may not think it is doing anything but I can tell you that it does.
This is why they refuse to sell their products with metal straps.
Probably just weakens the signal and makes the modem work harder.


You dont have to use the cable for charging if you want a metal strap , theres always the wireless charger

What wireless charger are you talking about?

I think, @peekie is referring to a power bank (dock). Charging cable may get accidentally short-circuited.

Ah I see.
Less chance of the issue happening with the dock, yes.

But still possible to short the dock pins with the strap…just not quite as dangerous.

I really don’t understand why people ignore everything that the manufacturer says and try to use a metal strap?
I understand that people like metal straps but since everyone involved in making and selling these watches advises not to use them… Why continue to ignore the advice?


I for one have heeded the advice and switched away from the very suave metal strap. Better be safe than regret


Just re-confirm if it’s really stainless steel. Coz, mine turned out to be electroplated metal and not SS, as was advertised.