Will be Nice to have this one in android version

Will be Nice to have this one in android version


For a copy you’ll need the permission of the designer.

Hi guys, someone know a disgner to ask him a permission ? Thanks

@Red_BEN You might ask at the site you have found it…

It´s been made by one of our community-members some time ago. Unfortunately i didn´t find it by scrolling all the way down - but i´ve got it on my X5 in at least 2 versions…

@Maik_Dahles could you have a look in you clockskin folder? Maybe we find this face in the community search if we know the name.

@G1NT0N1C Sure - it´s called “Round Metal_BIGBAT” , “Round Metal_green_BIGBAT” and “Round Metal_blue_BIGBAT” and was posted around 28th April 2017… :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll have a look.

Thank you guys, hope someone will find It again

If it is posted here I hope they got permission before using this design…
Otherwise it may have been removed or may get removed…

I have this clock file in 4 colors.

@febriani_nisa u are lucky :slight_smile:

@febriani_nisa @Red_BEN You know, that you can use google hang out to contact each other? :wink:

@G1NT0N1C thanks