Will anyone try to revive the legend?

I think their name was ORIENTCOLLEGE, but I’m not sure. The Orient certainly does. Diameter 43mm, and who is in our republic thirty years ago had to drive the girls away with an iron rod :slight_smile:
They were also produced in blue.

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It’s a face request, I guess?

request, … no, maybe a challenge for someone who could do it.

Hmm, I think I will move it to the section “face request”. Is this ok?

probably yes, I’m sorry, I’m not orienting myself here yet

No problem mate.

I suspect you want a fully functional calendar?

Fully functional calendar can be done, but not without a great deal of effort … Do you really want it that way?

Not at all, I like the design. A century-old calendar is not needed. Nobody used it even thirty years ago :slight_smile:
It never occurred to me that the calendar could be done. But it’s not worth the work