WiiWatch 2 notification problem

I have a problem that I haven’t seen in the forum. My Prime connects to the app and allows health info, watch faces, etc. to connect to the watch. However, when I select the App Notification tab in WiiWatch, none of the apps on my phone show in the list. It only shows what I assume to be generic apps that are native to WiiWatch, apps that I don’t use and are not on my phone. I have allowed all the permissions and my phone is a Galaxy S10. Anyone know why my phone apps are not showing in the WiiWatch apps list? WiiWatch is not an option for me if I can’t get the notifications from my phone.

There’s an “other” app to be checked in the list of wiiwatch2

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Do you mean ELSE rather than OTHER?
I have no idea if this is the correct one!

yes ELSE in your case

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Still have some uncertainty. I checked “Else” and it looks like a call came through to the watch. A text did not. I still don’t see the apps from my phone listed so I can select which notifications should or should not be sent to the watch. I don’t see “Other” anywhere in the list.