Wich charger for the KO 2

does anybody know what voltage and amperage a charger may be to safely but as quick as possible charge a Optimus 2…i find when charging via usb port on my PC it takes forever to charge fully…any ideas anyone? thanx

1Ah will be fine in any way.


What I’ve been doing is charging the charging bank from my charger in the wall and using that power bank to charge the phone. It was sold to me by Kospet so I know it is safe for charging their phone.

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hi, i do not have the charging bank…my watch just came with the charge cable…

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I use a standard Samsung phone charger and it is fine.
The key point is to make sure that you don’t leave it connected to the charger after it reaches 100%.
1-2 amp is reasonable for the charger output.
Don’t use a “fast charger” under any circumstances!
They tend to ruin these fragile power controller chips in the watch.

As @G1NT0N1C says, to be absolutely safe, a 1 amp charger is the safest option.

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I use a multi USB plug bar connected to an outlet.

As long as it is 5v and:
1amp = good+safe.
2amp = should be ok but can’t garuntee.