Why most smartwatches have old Android versions?

Why most smartwatches have old Android versions? For instance, most of them have Android 8.1.0, but the current version is 14. Is there any technical difficulty, or is it just planned obsolescence? Is there a way to update the Android version of such smartwatches when the manufactuer does not do it? Thanks.

No . This is not possible

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I have the same question.
Mine runs A9 but is a 2021 watch (LEMP).
Should be unacceptable go back to A8 on 2023/2024, completely nonsense.

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Any that run Android 8x are not supported here at all.
The reason why the majority of supported devices are running Android 7,9 or 10 is because no newer versions of Android is available to the people who make them.
These are MTK chip devices.

The unisoc Android 11 Z40 is available for that chipset only. Not MTK
Unfortunately, this is just the reality of the situation.


Thanks. Could you please elaborate? What is MTK? What is Z40? I mean, new standard smartphones have the latest Android version and can be upgraded to the newest one for years. Why not the smartwatches? The smartwatches that I mean are not really watches, but are actually truly standalone smartphones that can do absolutely all that can be done with a standard smartphone, albeit miniaturized with a smaller display the size of a watch. Thanks again.

A simple google search will give you all the info you need on mediatek chipsets along with the Z40 smartwatch

The smartwatches we support are full android watches like you are discussing

At present A11 is the latest