Why is there no NFC?

Hey everyone. Been searching the whole forum in order to find the exact reason, why there is no NFC is almost all Android Smartwatches out there. But didn’t find a good answer. Is there anyway you can explain? Thanks!!

Because these watches doesn’t pass SafetyNet and thus couldn’t have been used for contactless payments even if they did have NFC. But with the help of Magisk it is possible to get them to pass SafetyNet, so if they release a watch with NFC now, those of us who are willing to root it might be able to use it for contactless payments


Sa basically you can get contact less payment on a smartwatch that wasn’t designed for it, but has NFC.

Hmm that is prime 2, the same smartwatch I ordered from banggod. Good to know that is supports rooting.

Can i make my Kospet Prime watch to pass SafetyNet by rooting? If yes, How?

Magisk , i guess

I haven’t tried on a 7.1.1 watch, but it should work for them too. Start by using MagiskHide and then Magiskhide Props Config to choose a fingerprint.