Why is Kospet Prime 2 price went drop

i searched and searched to find out real price for Kospet Prime 2 watch as it’s recently released 2020 October i think but why is the price had went drop? i tried to find reason why on Google but couldn’t find it at all also on Amazon Kospet Prime 2 price are high expensive around £260 than other shops £160,
I’m from United Kingdom pounds price. anyone know why the price went drop?? and why Amazon price are high? I’m confused.

The only shop you mention is Amazon, where apparently the price did not go down.
Where do you find it with price drops ?
Both on AliExpress and Banggood there have been rebate offers the whole time since launch, so it is quite normal.


this is the safest purchase: (150 GBP)

i see understandable reason why Amazon doesn’t drop prices etc…, i found Kospet prime on website that price drops and AliExpress as well. thanks for answerd

How many days didn’t it take your order to arrive and how did u track it I ordered moine from here yesterday Andy the link Andy code they sent does not seem to be working

I am selling my like new Prime 2 with unused black alligator pattered band. $175 with USA shipping.

First time some one sailings their prime 2

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