why is every1 obsessed with apps?,,,the full fb sight works perfectly,,as does youtube,,

why is every1 obsessed with apps?,the full fb sight works perfectly,as does youtube, i installed navigation shortcut, google maps and the navigation app worked perfectly as well,with maps nav and youtube apps i suffered major power drain even when screen was off and in battery saver,i was losing 5% every 15 mins doing nothing, since uninstall the drain has stopped,my question is the plethora of smarter people than me is,which app was more likely tocause the drain, the maps and navigation (everything was turned off) or youtube,oh and hello every1,ticks im a sub

Use google gesture search and swipe in SYNC to find the sync settings which are hidden.
Turn off all the google sync stuff - unless you really need it. Saves a lot of battery.
If you have maps installed and your GPS settings set to high it will eat up your battery trying to suss out where you are all the time.

I loaded “Scout” (maps) but suffered dramatic power drain (as I’d expected, as the developer had warned me about GPS)… took Scout off but still suffering from a big loss of power… about 50% is 6 hours (while “at rest” overnight)… I had (my D5) set on power saving but I’ll check to see if anything else has been tweeked… thanks P11 :wink:

I’ve been testing out Doze and I really like it. It seems to work well at restricting apps from using data without having to actually turn off WiFi or BT. Could possibly save a lot of battery in the scenario described here.

Greenify + xposed works very well too :+1:

Need root though

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 I’ll start off by saying that I know NOTHING about rooting… however… I have just been reading about “double tap wake-up” and not needing to root…

“One of the easiest tricks to enable the tap-to-wake option on a phone is to have it rooted… which is something that many of you might not have.
If that’s your case, you can use these two applications to take advantage of the same functions without having to root. The first and most important step is to go to Google Play and look for both Apex Launcher and Greenify.”

Thanks @Andrew_Davis but this particular discussion is about battery draining. I was alluding to the fact that Greenify does a great job for this but needs root :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Hi, I know… it’s just that the article says that Greenify can be used without the need to root (when used in combination with another app) so I wondered if the same could be done for this particular issue… :wink:

using greenify without root is like pi^#sing in the wind :slight_smile: It’s a shame but that’s the reality of the situation…

I’m going to have to find out what flashing, twerping and rooting is… I hope that I won’t get arrested when I Google it :slight_smile:

Ha ha ha ha @Andrew_Davis . There is no prison big enough to hold the whole world. Keep calm.