While looking for new ideas to inspire my next original face I ran over

While looking for new ideas to inspire my next original face I ran over a real classic and took some minutes to make a new tribute:

Hermes Arceau Temps Suspendu - Dark Version

As the 31 day dial is not really doable on our system I took the liberty and change it for a weekday dial.

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Made with Clockskin Maker (as usual) by Ricardo Romero
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What a classy watch face! On my D5+ however, the needle for the day is in the wrong place. I’ve noticed the same phenomena on different watch faces as well. I have the september firmware. Any ideas would be welcome :wink:

Hi, I noticed you realize very nice watchfaces…
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@Franky_Lanckacker Sadly I see the same result on my watch (hadn’t time to put it on for a while) but it worked nicely in Clockskin Maker… Anybody got a good line to Ricardo Romero - the maker of the CSM? Perhaps we could get an updated version?