Which is the better smartwatch at the date


I would like to share a reflection with you.
Until a few months ago, I had no interest in smartwatches then I approached Amazfit products and from that moment on I went crazy. I bought an Amazfit GTS, a T-Rex, the Verge Lite, then the Huawei GT-2, the Tic WatchPro 2020 and lastly the Kospet Prime SE. I’d like to buy the DT NO1 model DT79, Lemfo LEM12, the Oukitel Z32 BUT I can’t buy them all.
In your opinion, what is the best smartwach with Android OS (7.1.1 or WearOS) at the moment?

Thanks for your contribution if you want …


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I own a LEM12 and I like the big screen, but it’s an LCD which does not have too much brightness compared to the OLED found on the Kospet Hope for example.

If I had to buy another watch right now, it would be an OLED for sure. Spec-wise, they are all the same.

I wouldn’t go for the NO1 (because of the low-res screen), and as far as I know, LEM12 and Oukitel Z32 are the same watch.


Two weeks ago I got the Genesis. And this is the best smartwatch I ever had. ( neptune pine, No. 1 D5, Zeblaze Thor 4)
For me important :
Big battery
Reflective screen ( much better than OLED in the sun, you can read/ see everything)
Cameras at the right place (for left hand wearing)
Support here in the forum


I love my Kospet Hope but have a few issues with it so I’m looking 2 replace it. I was thinking of the Kospet Prime or the Zeblaze Thor 5 Pro. It would be great if u guys could give me some opinions on these 2 watches, also on any other smartwatch recommendations . Many thanks in advance 4 any advice you could send my way.

If you are looking for quality and you decide between these two watches, you should take the Kospet Prime. All of my zeblazes died, in different ways. And I had a lot of them…


Agreed . Also had zeblaze’s and both broke but the Prime is a great watch :+1: . Very stable and great quailty hardware

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Cheers @G1NT0N1C, That’s good knowledge 2 have, To tell u the truth I was leaning towards the Prime anyway but it’s just the size really. Have u any more possible options?

No. For the moment, the prime is my absolut favorit.

Thanks @Dr_Andy_Vishnu

@G1NT0N1C @Dr_Andy_Vishnu. I read that they’re may b a Prime 2 soon, Have u any info on this?

As soon as we have information that is intended to be shared, we will let everyone participate.
The rumors about the specs are just that - rumors …

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Ok m8 thank you.