Which is the better smartwatch at the date


I would like to share a reflection with you.
Until a few months ago, I had no interest in smartwatches then I approached Amazfit products and from that moment on I went crazy. I bought an Amazfit GTS, a T-Rex, the Verge Lite, then the Huawei GT-2, the Tic WatchPro 2020 and lastly the Kospet Prime SE. I’d like to buy the DT NO1 model DT79, Lemfo LEM12, the Oukitel Z32 BUT I can’t buy them all.
In your opinion, what is the best smartwach with Android OS (7.1.1 or WearOS) at the moment?

Thanks for your contribution if you want …


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I own a LEM12 and I like the big screen, but it’s an LCD which does not have too much brightness compared to the OLED found on the Kospet Hope for example.

If I had to buy another watch right now, it would be an OLED for sure. Spec-wise, they are all the same.

I wouldn’t go for the NO1 (because of the low-res screen), and as far as I know, LEM12 and Oukitel Z32 are the same watch.


Two weeks ago I got the Genesis. And this is the best smartwatch I ever had. ( neptune pine, No. 1 D5, Zeblaze Thor 4)
For me important :
Big battery
Reflective screen ( much better than OLED in the sun, you can read/ see everything)
Cameras at the right place (for left hand wearing)
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