Which DM100 variant?

A Choice to make, but some info needed…

I read in a prior post that FAW (this site) has some sort of relationship with LEMFO, do we know/have insight about if the LEM T (as its no longer on the LEMFO site), is going to get future updates?*

Someone did a poll about which to get, the unmarked DM100, the LEMFO LEM T or the TICWRIS MAX, sadly no real solid choice there, and no mention on if the DM100 can be flashed to either of the other’s*?

*It seems the go-to option for LEM T users is to flash MAX firmware or just get the MAX

Do we know who is behind the TICWRIS MAX? Website? Do THEY plan updating further?

I love/d my Gear S (OG) but cant be used anymore (usefully) and the damn charging dock clips have broken on 4 of them :frowning: so the upgrade choices if at all possible are NOT the round POS watch’s…

I actually still have a Neptune Pine in the box and all, sadly that was left to die before its time.

It may be heresy on a LEMFO endorsed site, but I went for all 3 of them. Of the 3, the LEMFO turned out to be out of stock right before I confirmed the order. The TICWRIS ended up lost in the mail and was refunded. The only one to arrive was a generic DM100.

I opted to order from sites like Amazon (at a slightly higher price) for the coverage and speed they provide with shipping from China. The one that didn’t arrive was refunded within a week after the expected delivery date. The one that did arrive was here in 2 weeks and includes a 2 year replacement plan.

The DM100 (generic) is nearly identical and the firmware was incredibly easy to flash (it is now a hybrid of LEMFO, TICWRIS, and some custom components). The hardware is all the same stuff (not cheaper, similar components). In all honesty, I actually prefer not having a red button (the one difference I noticed). The reality is that unless you order through AliExpress or one of the other “official” distributors that take months to arrive, every one of them you will find is a generic.

Aha, another person who loved the Gear S. IMHO Samsung really screwed up there.

I also feel the LEM T, TICWRIS MAX, and DM100 are identical hardware, but I guess that’s confirmed now.

The panel on the MAX is slightly different (LCD instead of OLED).

Aah, thanks Roswell, did not know that.
I have both a LEM T (broken back cover) and a TICWRIS MAX.