Where to download Genesis Camera App

I saw Mr Ticks using a cool camera apps (see attached pix) for the KronosBlade Genesis watch, may I know where can I download it? I couldn’t find it on Play Store.

If you read his shownotes under the video you will see all the download links

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I click on the link but it brought me to some youtube video - would you be kind enough to provide the link to download the camera app. Thank you!

The links are there . When watching any youtube video there are notes underneath . All the links are there to download and there are many . Tap the up - down icon to the right

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Forgive me Andy - I am still unable to find the link - see the attached pix. I tap the up - down icon to the right, it only increased the count.

Good job i am a real doctor :wink:

I finally got it now - thank you VERY MUCH! :pray:I need to click “SHOW MORE” in order to see all the link - should have thought of it.

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Show more " shownotes " :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::+1: