Where to charge your watch?

Hi guys I have a question.
Where should I charge my watch ?
On PC via usb port or on a wall charger?

I don’t think it matters. I use a USB Power Meter to monitor the charge cycle from a wall charger rated at 2A maximum. It generally shows about 4.9 to 5.1 Volts and .30 Amps while charging. From 0% to 100% charge it registers about 350 mah total Amps received by the battery. When turned off while charging it shows that the charger in the watch shuts down at 100%. All in sync for the 350 mah battery in my Zblaze Thor.

I wanted to add because a wall charger is rated at 2A max doesn’t mean it charges everything at 2A. Most tablets for example need a 2A charger because they usually charge at 1A+ due to their larger batteries and a 1A charger would not be sufficient. How much amperage the device uses to charge is controlled by the charging circuit in the device and not the rating of the wall charger. This is evident when you see the actual charge rates for different devices. For example my KW08 watch charges at 5V, .17A when charging on the magnetic stand and 5V, .26A when charging directly from the magnetic cable and also has a 350mah battery. The lower charge rates may be necessary to control heat or prevent  damage to the battery when on the stand.

Generally speaking, I’d say either one. Me personally I use an external charger, but that’s mostly because I have multiple devices to charge, so one big charger for all. Two factors two consider, both related to output. A cheap charger might push too much or too little power to your watch, so use a good one. Half of that goes for the computer as well, my Fire tablet for example won’t charge from my old computer, or at least not so much, while it will charge, it won’t report it, and if I use it at the same time, the drain is greater than the charge.

The watch has ( thermal monitor ) circuits.

The destination is in control.

You can place your own current meter in circuit and “see” the rate off/on blips to zero and is protecting.