Where is firmware section for lemfo watches?

Does anyone know where it is? Found what I’m looking for for kospet prime but not for lem13.

Hey Sonia, It is on the home page under Lemfo products. I don’t see a listing under this category for the Lem 13 or anything in the firmware link. I don’t think anyone has requested information about this watch. Everybody is probably out to lunch.


Thanks, I also contsct lemfo and the seller, it is a great watch with amazing battery life , it and the kospet prime with.full heavy usage I get more than 20hrs, LTE , GPS, always on and BT for few hrs and I’ve modified all apps usage that they always awake even when screen off.

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Hi Sonia,
It seems we don’t have a lem13 section, but probably @pablo11 can help you on this one.

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Hello stranger :grin:
I will send you a pm :handshake::handshake:


Basically we did not get the LEM13.
If you need the firmware for it I will get it, but it has not changed since the version you have I expect…

It is basically an A7.1.1 version of the LEM14 which is Android 10.

Anyway, let me know what you need :tada::tada:

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I will post the Android 7.1.1 firmware for it but we don’t support it.

Give me a few minutes and I will post it

Here it is


THANKS guys.

Guys if now after I’ve flashed the lem13 FW and I want to flash the kospet prime the only thing I don’t flash is the preloader , right? I don’t want to lose the imei😪 I know how to fix it but I preferI don’t😊.

No you can’t flash KC10 (Prime) firmware on to a DM28 (LEM13) without having problems…

Many different drivers involved.

Sorry @sonia_sophie_ataunna

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Yep, noticed it doesn’t boot up

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