Where I get the faces in 4K.

Where I get the faces in 4K. Without wanting to demean the work of colleagues, but some covers are very bad. And I see some videos that bring perfect faces the video brings more resolution than the clock itself at hand. But it’s still a good job.

Hello Jagunco,

To giving a Answer some Information are helpfull!

What is the name of your Watch (model), and what is your launcher? (Stock or universal-launcher)

There is nothing like 4K… 4K is resolution of 3840 × 2160px… What you need is to create or get images, that are meant to be used on device with 400 x 400px at 72DPi… That means, that the image you use for your background has to be this resolution. The hands need to be in a resolution which will look good on a 400 x 400px canvas… This is something that many designers do not think about and they use pictures with variable resolution which results in pixelated and bllury images…

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