WHERE can i find a kospet prime/prime se charger?

ive been using the prime se for a long time but due to some incident the charger broke and now its turned useless because i checked their official website and they no longer sell the dock and even on amazon.in. i cannot buy from aliexpress cus its banned in india and costs 1/4th the price of the watch itself so i need some help as yall are my last and only hope.


Try writing to the kospet. Maybe they can help.

hmm aight ill see whats their customer support email?


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It is hard to find and i have looked, when my charger stopped working the only place i found was on aliexpress, i dont think youll find anywhere else, have you tried to fix it? my second one also stopped working issue with the pins:// and ive decided to fix it with screws. And it works fine.

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What’s the problem concrete?? I don’t know the Kospet prime charger; I have a Lemp / DM30 , a similar watch who doesn’t includea charger, only a USB power cord, and I buyed apart a little 1 amper charger for charging it with that cable.

Isn’t it similar?

No, the lemp has a stright pins charger and the kospet prime se is a bit rounded.


I’d swear I’ve seen another similar, maybe some charger from another watch model could fit well? I’m just guessing…

No, it’s unique.


That’s unfortunate news…

I’m gonna have better luck on my case since I still keep all parts from my first Lemp and an extra battery too.

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This is the downside of FSWs lack of parts and uncustomizable:( most likely they would have been more popular if they had. I always look for stuff for the watch:))

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It’s must be a matter of time too, like occurs with most of cellphones of three or four years ago, it’s difficult to get some parts when time pass by…

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Is this compatible with the original Kospet Prime (not SE and not 2) ?

Yes, this model is fot kospet prime and prime se