Where are the Custom face apk's for the I2

I’ve been searching this forum for I2 custom face apk’s with no luck. does anyone have a link to apk’s for the I2? This section says I2, kw88, LEM3, Blitz but all I see is kw88 faces.

Only the KW88 supports custom faces at this time.

Still support ZGPAX S99

Wait, so in all this searching the stickied post called “At this time, custom faces are KW88 only!” was never noticed?

Oct 5, 2016 12:48:08 GMT 1 dinatron said:
Still support ZGPAX S99

If it works on the S99 it should work on the I2. Interesting..... However - the firmwares tend to be annoyingly different - on purpose.......