When I go to wireless update,

When I go to wireless update, my iqi i2 shows “test version.” It doesn’t update, if there is one for this watch, on version build v06 20160720. Do I need to flash it to get it updated and get rid of the “test version” showing up?

Version 20160720 is the latest for I2

Just thought it odd it says test version…

It will say that until an OTA is opened. It’s a weird Sinsoft deal. The KW88 users had the same problem…

@Tom_Bosko ​ I think it’s supposed to mean “press this button to TEST if you have the latest VERSION, and if not an OTA will be initiated…” if you do it says “…already the latest version…” just my interpretation of the sins-of-tech UI for what it’s worth… :wink:

yep - I think you are on the money there :slight_smile: