WhatsApp Install Lem14

Is it possible to put your SIM in and install Whatsapp directly to the phone?

Many thanks.

Of course, it is possible. But you can’t use the same whatsapp account on your smartphone and your watch this way.


And dont forget to make sure its " not optimized " in settings allow unlimited data access for it to work in the background


Thanks for your replies - its much appreciated. Can I put the SIM from my smartphone in the watch and use Whatsapp this way?

Yes, but it is not really comfortable. I’m using an app called "tablet messager"instead of.

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Many thanks - will try this when my watch arrives in a week or so!

just want to point out that you don’t need to have the sim in the device you are using for whatsapp, you can have it in another one and then input the code from the sms manually


WhatsApp business will allow to use the same acc on different clients :+1: but seems not to work without subscription on 2 phone devices. Hope that changes soon as it is planned so but no eta