What smartwatches work on Verizon

Nice title. But too more specific.

Jan 14, 2019 5:09:44 GMT 1 rudness said:
What smartwatches work on Verizon

Did you mean Which smartwatches work on the Verizon Network? 

In general I am not an expert on this subject but know that Verizon and Sprint use CDMA radio technology. Most of these smartwatches use GSM radio technology and require a Sim Card to connect to a nework. The two neworks are not compatible as this information I downloaded from CNet explains.

Network technology

US wireless operators don’t use the same fundamental wireless technology to deliver voice services. For instance, Verizon and Sprint rely on a network technology known as CDMA for their voice services. AT&T and T-Mobile use a different technology for voice known as GSM. This is a problem because devices made for AT&T and T-Mobile or European markets, which also use GSM, won’t include radio technology for CDMA. And that means it won’t allow you to make calls or get text messages on Verizon’s or Sprint’s network.

When I was with Verizon none of my phones had a Sim Card that you could remove. Thus once you leave Verizon they will not work on another network and are useless as a phone. Where with my old AT&T phones, once paid for and unlocked by AT&T, I can buy a Sim Card from Speedtalk, for example and still use the phone. Which is why I will never go back to Verizon unless they change their technology.