What wireless Earbuds are you using?

For me I chose the Bluedio T-elf 2 They are on the way to my house. Can’t What about everyone else?

I’m using these: https://www.amazon.com/Sony-SBH-80-SBH80-Bluetooth-Headset/dp/B00DZTJKYU

I have two pair because one only lasts about 3 hours on a full charge:

I prefer the Blitzwolf because I think it sounds better (but I’m no audiophile), blocks out external sounds better, and has next/previous track which the Airdots lacks.

Neither has bass balance exactly how I like it so I installed this equalizer - it’s free and works well on watches:

Both have some connection issues when I’m out walking with the watch on my left arm. When it’s on my right arm it’s much better. I assume that’s because the right earbud is the main one,

EDIT I should add that the above is my experience with a Kospet Prime & Optimus Pro. I don’t have a Lem T (yet).

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Sabbat E12 (extra BASS)

bone conduction earbuds… total classy and doesn’t make you deaf to your surroundings

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I use these:



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Great earbuds, master/slave switching compatible, great battery life and good sound and noise cancellation.

You know i never thought about that with my earbuds. You described the exact issue Im having with them, but i never thought to change to my right arm. Thanks!!!

this is a common issue i have had with all these watches . I once had a $5 one pierce earbud that i had in my left ear with my watch on my left arm that worked better than more expensive types ?

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its crazy how that works. It makes you wonder if their coding is not “clean” when it comes to bluetooth. I switched to the FIIL t1x, spent only 50 dollars, love them to death. I get better signal with them, but from time to time, i still get that same issue. Like i said, i wonder if the coding for the bluetooth capability is lacking a bit.

I alternately use two pairs :slight_smile: :

  • Huawei Stereo Xsport (AM61)
  • Honor Choice True