What watch is better? Kingwear kw88 or Iqi i2?

What watch is better? Kingwear kw88 or Iqi i2? Or is there any others you have in mind for me to check need one ASAP​:100::eyes:

Why go with the older smartwatches ? There are newer ones with more RAM and memory. Like the No.1 D5+ or Finow X3+.
I have the No.1 D5+ and I’m very satisfied with it.

Hmm your right but the ones I’ve suggested such as kw88 and iqi i2 has better battery life?

KW88 - The best!

@Sher_Akiloff ​ kw88 right, the watch can you get whatsapp notifications or SMS messages through to Bluetooth that’s connected to your phone

@Tahir_Mohammad I wouldn’t know about battery life, my D5+ lasts more than a full day with BT and the tilt to turn on screen function.

@Sher_Akiloff How long does the KW88’s battery last ?

not the place to post this thread plz post on the site the post will be removed in a while…

@Tyreg - what about d5+ battery life?

@Tahir_Mohammad my recommedation is IQI I3, or you can wait for IQI I4 release

I’ve ordered the kingwear one now so il use that now maybe in future il have a look at the iqi @Hendri_Rosmawan