What keyboard do you use on your watches?

I have noticed that GBoard is useless on these watches as the edges are totally cut off, and the standard keyboard it comes with is so small it’s very hard to ensure you’ll type the correct letters. A voice based keyboard would work fine for replying to messages but will not work for anything like usernames, codes, SMS commands, etc.

I know you said you dont like it but Gboard is the one that I use, Only other ones I tried where the standard one but didnt like that at all. A voice one wouldnt be any use to me as my Irish accent isnt understood by half of ireland let alone a keyboard lol.


I use jbak2 https://youtu.be/GCPYkMj9S-4 minutos 11:55

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I used to use the standard keyboard but when I tried gboard in floating mode I liked it. Gboard in floating mode works pretty well.