What is watchmaker?

What is watchmaker file format. what are the advantages over regular skin format? Sorry for being so naive

It’s a watchface format for android wear watches. It’s not working on fullandroid watches with stocklauncher. We only accept the upload of “.watch-files” if it is offered as a supplement to a clockskin version.

Why would some one ask for a watchmaker version? I’ve got some DM requests for watchmaker skins. How to make one. just do the export as watchmaker(experimental) from the file menu?

Yes you can do that

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I have requested a watchmaker face because you can implement e.g. stopwatch and other features, which are not available in clockskin.
But others may be requesting it because they simply want to use it on Wear OS…

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Ooh. Thaat I didn’t know. Wear os guys hmmm…