What is the best vibrating alarm for Android 8.1.0 smartwatch?

What is the best vibrating alarm for Android 8.1.0 smartwatch? I mean for devices with small square-like (or similar) displays of ~139 mm (like the Apple Watch Ultra 2 is).

Such vibrating alarm application should not require to be left open to work overnight. So, the main face (dial) of the watch can be left showing overnight, yet the alarm (in the background) should work in such scenario.

Extra bonuses are having the option to show two alarms on the screen, showing also current time and additional stopwatch option.


7 multiple posts and all in the wrong section ?

Why not combine your questions into one


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All moved to “unsupported watches”. @Peter_Gamble please make sure that you are using the correct section. Otherwise I will delete your posts. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks and sorry about that. I though that they could be general Android topics for any device as well.

In this case, you should phrase it as a general question. And not limited to Android 8 watches.

Have you tried google clock? It runs fine without tweaks on my android 7 & 10 watches.

Thanks. The problem is that some applications work on some Android versions only. So, an application for Android 14 for instance, may not work on older versions, for instance.

Yes, I have tried Clock (Google). It vibrates but does not bring screen to front to stop it if its window is not left open. And most importantly, in such a case it only vibrates once and not several times (which may be needed to wake up after deep sleep).

Yep, many regular Android apps are not going to work the same way on these watches because a lot of basic Android system files have been removed or replaced.
This is the correct place for these questions because it is one of the main reasons why we do not support the majority of the Android 8.1 butchered devices. It is frustrating and mostly trial and error trying to get apps to work on these devices :slightly_frowning_face: