What do you think about? It's not a GIF, so it works with Stocklauncher.

What do you think about? It’s not a GIF, so it works with Stocklauncher. But I’m not sure if It’s a good idea to add some hands…


nice, but what time is it :slight_smile:

Good point…:wink:

@Marco_Riedner that’s his question to you all should he add analog hands or do something else to show the time:-) Greets

Left eye twinkle the hours and right eye twinkle the minutes

@Marco_Riedner Yes, might be a good idea. I will test how it looks. Thanks!

I’ve got a good one, or at least interesting…add a nose, and some whiskers to do the hours and minutes… wiskers are animated,starting from the center, while one is forming the hour the other one is forming a true wisker,after that wiskers retract (or not),than the other wisker start forming the minutes with the other forming a true wisker… black is great for OLED, but keep it all in good definition and try doing multiple watches with different characters… really hope that I explained myself

@Shaky_Aky sounds very interesting! I desided to go another way, you can find it here: