What can I do with my Genesis

I posted a question here a while ago because my Square mode stopped working. I think the problem is that my power button no longer works, since the watch is charging but I can’t get it to power up. A few times I go to the Google play screen, but since i couldn’t activate square mode, I could log in to Google Play. Someone mentioned about using floating toucher, but is there a way to sideload that? Any help would be appreciated.

Even if I get this watch working it doesn’t correctly display the apps I want to use so if anyone wants to buy a Kronos blade Genesis, hit me up.**

How do you expect to side load a app if the watch doesnt power up ? My genesis had the same problem . Would charge but never power on . Flashing the firmware and opening up watch didnt help . In the genesis thread there are other tips to try ( fridge etc ) . Have you read and tried all suggestions ?

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It does power up. It was awhile ago, but I think i did a factory reset and got it powered up. That’s when I got to the Play store, but the next button wasn’t dissplayed. I thought maybe there was a way to do it entirely via the computer.

It powers up just fine, it just seems that the top button does not work.

You can use a remote display on your PC like vysor.