What a day when the postman rings twice! Not only did I receive the

What a day when the postman rings twice!
Not only did I receive the KW88, later today the postman rang twice an brought some more goodies for the watch.

First impressions:
Everything works! Screwdriver but no extra screws.
Folded the charging cable back up and glued it to the magnet part so I could stand the watch up on the band while charging otherwise it would tip over. Magnets hold quite well.

Not going into battery life during installing apps.
Charging of the battery from 2% to 99% took 1 hour.
Initially the battery was fully charged.

Testing the camera: Touch/hold to focus enables focus tracking.
As a photographer, the image quality is laughable.
Also the focus tracking feature is very far of out of focus. (see image)

Installed the following apps with succes on KW88:
ESFile explorer Pro
Plex (Need to use MX playerto play video, but Plex can pre-transcode video for 400x400 pixel screen for seamless playback)
Floating Toucher
Google app: Updated (cannot enable Google Voice from “any app”)

It’s advisable to reboot the watch after installing apps. I’ve found the watch to respond sluggish after some installs. A reboot fixed that.

Also received my black Double butterfly 24mm Clasp. Installed it and it works fine. It was very cheap ($4) so i need to test it for a while on how it holds up. It fits very comfortably and closes secure.

Also received my watchmaker (cheap) tool, so I can try to remove the pins from the watchband. (later)

Now… back to work…

Tried OTA update. No OTA available. Later I’ve read @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 's remark not to OTA and wait for update notifications here.

I don’t know what it is, but there is “+” in the version of my KW88.

That’s a newer firmware indeed.

It’s on the second recharge cycle. Burned through 2 charges in a few hours, but the display was always on, so it’s no reference. And Wifi and BT was on. During the second run the GPS was also on.
I need an app that can kill all running apps in 1-click.

So what is the moving square around the focus point that I touch on the screen. It keeps tracking the focuspoint that I touched even when I move the camera.
Fixed focus indeed. I compared a few pics and all where focused at +/- 50 cm.

@Kenneth_Tan ​ where did you get the clasp again? can you share the link? thanks! white version looks good.



So do you know the hyperfocal distance for this sensor/lens?

@tim_Collins The camera in the KW88 has a fixed focus distance. Focusing the camera by pressing the display doesn’t help. You do get a focus bracket on screen, but it does nothing.
Been doing some testing and I estimate (did no actual measurements) that the hyperfocal distance is aprox 1 meter. That means that @ 1 meter the object is sharp. Beyond that everything is as sharp as 2Mpix can be.
Everything from 50cm to 1 meter gets sharper. Within 50cm of the camera, nothing is ever going to be sharp.

@Lokifish_Marz ​ do we really need to bother with the specs? The camera is a toy and not to be taken seriously. But hey, if you have acces to the data, then lets make it public.

Thanx for the info @Lokifish_Marz ​. My guestimate was almost spot on. Tested Lux yesterday. Difficult to configure on round smartwatches. It detected the camera and measured the light coming through the camera. Couldn’t get it to autoadjust the brightness. Maybe I’ll give it another try next week.

Good Morning @tim_Collins
Here’s a preliminary result of my battery life:

With these extra apps installed:
ESFile explorer Pro
Plex (Need to use MX playerto play video, but Plex can pre-transcode video for 400x400 pixel screen for seamless playback)
Floating Toucher
Google app: Updated (cannot enable Google Voice from “any app”)
Twisted Home manager
Advanced Task Killer
Floating Toucher

brightness on FULL
Gesture OFF
Wifi On and connected

Looking at the time 2-3x an hour.

Battery life: 18-20 hours.
It goes dramatically less if you use the display.
Next week I’ll do a similar comparison with display on low, but I like it full bright.

Charging is the best option. With the new clasp I can take it of in seconds and with the cable glued to the docking connector I can drop it on my desk and recharge it back to 100% in minutes. So battery life is not an issue. I always carry a power bank if I’m outdoors, so no problem there. Have lunch and recharge battery.

Size of the watch is perfect. Fits my standard wrist perfectly. Clasp is a must!

Here’s the negative:
Hate the watchfaces. Maddie is the only one I tolerate. They all look cheap and not sophisticated to give the watch the extra glamour it deserves.
Hoping the adding of custom watchfaces gets fixed soon, it’s a giant missed opportunity for the mtk6580 smartwatch business.
The buildquality is amazing and this should be the main salesfactor for this smartwatch branche not the few unique watchfaces each brand offers (and they are not so unique anyways)

There’s a definite lack of Round watchface apps. Here’s were android Wear has the definite advantage. Making the screen smaller is a nice workaround and I use it often to reach the unreachable buttons.
In retrospect, these watches need to upgrade to Android Wear to reach full potential. Nobody is going to write apps for round smartwatches outside Wear. It’s just not a smartwatch until the apps are made for smartdevices.

The power below 15% drops non-linear fast.
It switches to a simple clock, but very quickly if you use the watch it powers off.

---- end of negatives -----

Going to test the GSM function of the watch next week. I have an unlimited phone plan so I will insert a free simcard and forward all my calls to the watch so I can answer calls. Not going to use it for calling right now. That would add €10,- to my unlimited plan per month for an extra card.

---- Positives ----
I already could install a LOT of apps on the remaining 2GB. And there’s still 819MB left. (40%)
WiFi is incredibly fast and has a huge range.
Haven’t tested it yet but I have country wide coverage for hotspots and therefore should also receive good WiFi on the go.
In house, it’s as good as my S4 smartphone.
ES File explorer works absolutely perfect and the watch is extremely fast there too. I’m very happy with this performance.
Watching movies on the display using Plex is a joy, with good sound en perfect blacks on screen. Ok, also here again, it’s not smartwatch compliant, so you need to switch to small screen mode. But that’s done in 2 clicks.

Big plus: Every important app I tested works flawlessly.
Floating toucher is a must to install.

Tim the clasp makes it possible to take the watch off faster and easier. Also it keeps the watchbands in a limited position so that there’s no extreme bending possible. This prolongs the life of the bands, especially if they contain wires and antenna foils.
Used the watch yesterday during a photohoot on location but the clamps opened twice. The watch doesn’t fall off your wrist but it shouldn’t do that. I’ll test it tonight again. Have a big shoot where I move a lot.
Maybe a better quality clasp is the next purchase I’ll make.

Link for the butterfly clasp please