Well, After 3 weeks of issues with my IQI I2 rebooting randomly,

Well, After 3 weeks of issues with my IQI I2 rebooting randomly, it finally died. Going back. Sounds like the D5 or KW88 are the better, more stable ones?

Been having random reboots too, but nothing more. Works fine (didn’t use GSm) 2-3 months

Why should that be acceptable? I have a OnePlus and don’t have that issue. I know 5.1 is a very stable ROM too. It was rebooting mutliple times a day…then it just won’t turn on anymore…

I prefer D5 over KW88… but I only use my watches for custom faces and stand alone calls…

in a couple of weeks there will be a few new releases. One of my interests is the Q3 plus. It has a 400x400 amoled display. One button at 3 o’clock position. And I hear that the price will be very competitive :slight_smile: 1gb ram and 8gb storage as well.
X5 Plus will soon as well but has three buttons.
Both of these have built in support for the great CSM watch faces and don’t suffer any random re-boots.

Then there will be the Sinsoft watches.
KW98 available in three different configurations at different prices. A 512mb ram and 4gb storage, a 512mb ram and 8gb storage and the 1gb ram and 8gb storage version at the top of the range. Fairly large watch by the look of things and no CSM custom face support - as stock.
Lastly the IQI I3 with 512mb ram and 4gb storage. Absolutely beautiful design and quality build. Still no stock support for custom faces from CSM because it’s from Sinsoft …

Lot’s of choice :slight_smile:

my KW88 battery bloated, the sign is when your back cover of your watch got cracked. The more you use it, the larger the crack. Be aware that bloated battery is dangerous as it may explode.