Welder watch... for those who like black and white with a splash of orange...

Welder watch… for those who like black and white with a splash of orange…

  • hours, minute and second hands
  • 24hr dial
  • seconds dial
  • battery level dial

If you like the watch, consider a donation…

Good Job Andrew and nice Design, when is the omega specter finished :sunglasses:

Nice work Andrew.
Didn’t have any time these weeks to convert your watches to Zooper.

This one’s also going on the list.

One small detail, did you omit the vertical lines on the box around Welder on purpose?

@Kenneth_Tan Ha ha… no I didn’t… I’ll update it now :slight_smile:

Logo updated… or as Homer would say, “D’oh!”

@monaco205 Finished and link sent… :slight_smile:

Words for Wat… Amazing and beautiful design. Thanks Andrew. https://tenor.co/vMhD.gif