Weird SP_Flash_Tool problem

When I flash flash TWRP to recovery with SP_Flash_Tool v5.1804.00.001 then it tells me flashing went all-right. However, when I reboot to recovery it still seems to be the stock recovery because it shows “no command”. It looks like SP_Flash_Tool pretends it flashed the file, but the data is not really written to the device. Perhaps the recovery partition must be formatted first? Did the same happen to any of you guys? I never had flashing problems like this before.

PS: I am on rom version 20190320

It might have been flashed correctly, but overwritten by the stock recovery afterwards. Where did you get the twrp from?

I am pretty sure I downloaded it from this forum. The name of the file is twrp-recovery-2018-12.img dated 20th Dec 2018 and the size is 13,3MB

How can it be overwritten by stock recovery afterwards, is that done by by the boot scripts in the boot partition? If that is the case then I should flash TWRP also to the boot partition and flash the original boot afterwards.

There could be a number of things going wrong

  1. Are you using the correct scatter.txt file?
  2. Is the "recovery’ line the only line ticked in the first column?
  3. Is the “recovery” line location pointing to the TWRP.img file location?
    4 Is the TWRP.img you are using the correct one for your watch?

Hi, the answers are 4x yes

I don’t know exactly how the overwriting works, but yes it has to do at least partly with the boot partition. Flashing twrp to the boot partition as well and then flashing the original boot image afterwards is not enough to avoid it.

You have to either root the watch or modify the boot image with one small change. If you don’t want to root it, you can follow the following guide to modify the boot image:


Thank you so much, it is now fully clear to me. I actually had TWRP on my Hope before and at that time I had flashed it together with a patched boot (magisk).