hello , little probleme with eric’s launcher on the lemx .i loaded faces with weather and temperature , but it remains frozen in sun position and 0 zero degree . what’s the problem !!

Have you set your weather location ? Is internet on ?

yes , of course my watch is permanently connected to networks and wifi with sim card , and i have the weather program on my watch , but how to dock the weather program with my faces

What’s a weather program ? You have to use the weather location of my launcher.

where is the launcher weather ??

i looked in the parameters of my watch but i can not find the weather of your launcher , but i made the last update of it , where i do not know where to look !! on the original launcher it works . did anyone have the same problem on lemx ?

You have to set the location in the launcher settings. Use the gps for this step.

Ok for the weater on the faces With localisation gps , but the problem now IS that the battery IS empty very quickly , and warm a little ,IS this normal ? So i stopped the gps and it’s better ! Pity i will not have the weater on my pretty faces

No need of GPS after the setting is done.