Weather is not auto-update on Kospet Prime

I want the weather to auto-update on my Kospet prime. Because every time i have to press update to update weather and temperature. Weather should also auto-update just like heart-rate monitor which updates regularly automatically.

Is there any settings to do it? Or does it require changes in the firmware?

No setting for that, it’s not auto updated.
UL can do that.


Excuse me, what is UL ?

Its a launcher developed by one of our moderators @Eric_Crochemore . Its really cool and will give your watch a lot more . There is a ton of detail on this on this forum :+1:

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Thank you very much! I am new to all these smart watch things, so, I am still learning, thanks again!

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By the way, how does UL behaves concerning battery drain?

You will notice no difference at all :+1:

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I have created an app for Kospet prime which wakes the screen on raise and auto-updates the stock weather every hour. Its battery consumption is also minimal.

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Why would you create such a app ? The raise screen function already works when turned on in settings

I created the app for two reason:

  1. It is not possible to configure timeout of the raise screen function in settings.
  2. There is no settings to auto-update the weather.

It will probably be useful for some others. Can you share your app ?

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Fair enough :+1: . Would you be happy to share with us ? Thanks

Sure. Find the link below:

Battery saver should be OFF for this app.


The best would be to create a new subject in the android apps section to share this. Otherwise this app will probably get lost someday… But it’s up to you. Thanks


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