Weather function doesn't work

I use the weather function for my watchfaces to show the weather icons and the temperature. Since a couple of weeks this is not possible if you switch on wifi and disable mobile data ( which I do always at home to save battery). I cannot understand why (because it works in the past). It is not possible to update the weather with wifi only. If I enable the mobile data( disable wifi at home) there is no problem. Any idea for this reason?
Is there any other weather app which I can use instead?

that’s the way it is with me, unfortunately, and I can’t find a solution.

Have you checked your Wifi traffic? Does another app work on Wifi on your watch?

yes, wifi works with all other apps. I’ve already done a factory reset, but it still doesn’t work.

Have you activated the fine location in your GPS location settings ?

yes, its activated.

The stupid thing is: it is running with mobile data, but not with wifi only.

Hopefully there will be an update soon that will fix the problem.

I don’t believe that there will be an update for this watch any more…

there are another rom for the clock?

It’s Christmas time, and my wish has been heard : the weather function via WLAN is working again. I have made no changes, it was a wish only, and someone heard this : thank you very much.
But the truth is: why does it run now?

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@mgk thanks for the information, it works :hugs: