We need help or we cannot survive - seriously!

Hi everyone.
As some of you may or may not remember - we came here from a Google + community and a small free Proboard forum. When we had that set up we received regular donations from our members - which was great :slight_smile:
We all have full time jobs and families but we do this in our spare time and we do this for free.
A big part of our site is for watch face design and development and then we have a significant amount of Android development here as well. Custom recoveries and Android app developers etc… Altogether our services are fairly comprehensive for Full Android Watch owners.

People might assume that the watch brands should be paying for technical support section of this site.
The truth is that they don’t need us.
If we shut down today it would make little or no difference to their sales. They all have their own bbs forums and YouTube reviewers and they would just continue, business as usual.
We established this group of services you see today because there is a considerable gap for technical support regardless of these websites.
Luckily we have a great relationship with them and some of them send us a couple of watch samples to help us help you. This relationship took a long time to establish and it is something we are grateful for. Apart from that we are completely independent. If we did not operate this way we would not be here today.

We have moderators from all corners of the earth to ensure people are around when you need them.
When it came to Google shutting down - we backed everything up and we created this site.
Here’s the thing - this is a hosted service now - it’s costing us money.
To some extent - the recent outage issues we’ve had are due to lack of funds to pay for the hosting.
We are struggling now because I believe since we opened this site - we have had $15 USD in donations :frowning:

This is not sustainable.
So we will be turning on some on-site advertising very soon to try and scrape up a little towards hosting costs.
We have not needed to ask before :frowning:
But please everyone - if you like it here and you want us to continue - please use the donate button on the forum welcome strip



I already donated $50 at the beginning. It’s time for others to step up, please.


Well said and thanks for donating . Top job :+1::+1:


Yes, you are awesome my friend and we need a few others to help us like this.
Obviously not many can stump up $50 like you did (amazing by the way)
But anything would be better than the 15 USD received since we opened here…

By the way, please don’t donate less than $2 because we will not receive it… PayPal keeps it because it is too small after processing fees etc…
We get an email saying that there is nothing left after conversion and processing :slight_smile:


@pablo11 Hi Pablo. I just made a donation mate…not a large one, but as much as I can afford at the moment. Hope it helps keep this place going. C’mon Folks…if a tight fisted bugger like me :woozy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:can make a donation :moneybag:…so can everyone who else who enjoys using this forum…lets not risk losing this place and the great people who contribute to it and those who volunteer their time to ensure it’s smooth operation. :+1:Cheers, Doons


What are the costs of a forum like this?
How is it mixed together? Do you pay for your own server or to discourse?


made a small donation
keep up the good work


Top bloke :+1::+1::+1::+1: . Thanks mate . Appreciated

Thankyou very much . Much appreciated :+1::+1:

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@pablo11 I made a donation. Hadn’t seen this thread earlier… now I’m demanding you guys create a rectangular watchface subforum :smiling_imp:


@Doonsbury @cosmicma
Thanks very much :+1::+1:
@chr0max - it’s not important really.
If I have to get a breakdown I will.
But the bottom line is that our domain name, server, registrations, 2TB of high availability cloud storage - all costs a fair amount of money.

If we want garunteed uptime - more money…

So you can see why we are having issues.
We have gone from having a steady trickle of donations to none (not counting the $15 received since we opened)

Anyway, thanks again guys :+1:

At the end of the day this is your forum.
For you.
If it’s important enough to you all I guess we will survive.
The next few weeks will be the decider.

I will publish donation reports as well. So that everyone can see what is going on.




Cheers mate . Your donation and contribution is always appreciated :+1:


Donation made.
Capt Jon


Thanks John . Cheers mate :+1::+1:

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Ahh, mate.
It’s great to hear from you :slight_smile:
Thanks very much!!
Really good to have your support :+1:

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@pablo11 I asked about opening a rectangular section after I donated but got no reply from you.

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Thank you, mate. I will create a section soon. :handshake:


50 more bucks to a great bunch of fellows! Thanks guys!
No reply necessary… just keep it going here!!! :money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face:


You bloody superstar :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: . You WILL have a response :+1: