Waterproof and Kospet prime 2

Hey Guys

This Forum ist really great and the information shared here helped me a lot. Perhaps you can help me with this:
I bought the Optimus prime 2 a few months ago. I was really happy with the watch because it worked great (with only minor flaws).

Unfortunately I fell into a small stream and the watch was submerged into the water. After that it just stopped working. I wrote to Customer Support of Koste and the answer was: > " Hi friend:

The watch is waterproof, but damage caused by use in water is not covered by the warranty.
Sorry, please understand. "

So question is: If I dry the watch and get it to work, will it be reliable again or should I just go for another waterproof full android watch?

Read this for drying out . Should work fine depending on damage caused .

Personally we DONT recommend getting the watches soaked but rain / sweat generally okay