Water resistance LEMFO LEMP

I was boring on my house and I wanna do some water test on my damaged first LEMP unit, so doing on it I don’t going to regreat any additional damage on failure case.

So I took the unit, open the water valve and splashed some of cold water tears on the watch with my hand. After that, I dryed with a towel and take a screwdriver and opened it to see if some water was able to get into the unit… and nothing. NOT even a tear was inside. The unit comes with a rubber seal underneath and around the backcase, but this seal isn’t present on the SIM tray or the speaker on his back.

Next step was to splash some cold water DIRECTLY from the water valve to the unit, and repeat all other steps after that.
Again, NOTHING wrong.
I have to mention that once I´ve checked the unit was dry inside, I turned on the unit without any problem on all cases.

On this case I directly take the unit and get it under water valve and let it rest some seconds. All around it, so the water fall directly upon it, underneath it, and even directly over the SIM tray, wich like I’ve mentioned before, don’t have any rubber seal.
Then I dryed with a towel and go to open with a phillips screwdriver.
Same result!!! NO water inside!!! Barely some little water tears on the SIM tray’s bezel, but not even on contact with the SIM.

After that, I turned on the unit again and it turned on perfectly. The speaker sounds like if it was a little wet (a little distortioned), and I know well that the case where it is located it’s not waterproof, but I still can’t believe that this watch supported such amount of water and keeped working fine after all.

Wanna share with all of you this experience for your information and knowledge. I can say that LEMP is at least IP64 for my opinion based on this simply tests I’ve made.


Thanks for sharing:)) that is great news as i honestly can say the same for my lokmat 7 and 9 which i never take off even when i wash hands, in the rain never had issues, the only thing ive never done was going swimming with or in the shower:))

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I don’t think this watches, except LEM14, were prepared for that, but at least I can wash my hands, sweat doing outdoor running or going out under rain completely sure now. However, some models seems to be unsafer than others by the specs itself on each one. I read on another post about problems with Kospet Optimus 2, wich is due to his camera flex on top. There must be care on those cases.


Absolutely right @Claudio_Alejandro
I will go a step further and say that NO Android Watch is properly water resistant, including the LEM14.

Some are more vulnerable than others (like the Optimus 2, for example) for obvious reasons.

The LEM 14 was an attempt at waterproofing an Android Watch, but unfortunately it was not successful and had ridiculous claims of 5ATM.
Many people made the mistake of going swimming with it and then found out that sadly, water had got inside.

On a positive note, there is some development going on to see if a 0.5 - 1ATM waterproof watch can be made - but it is early days yet.
Of course, if this happens it will be reflected in the cost of the device.
I suspect that the price will go up by around 15 - 25% depending on the results.

Basically, the main reason why there is a fear of putting the price up is due to the brand having to purchase between 2 and 5 thousand devices from the factory in one order.
This is a big financial risk for them.
If the sales are not good, they will face bankruptcy.

I am intending to open an opinion poll here on the forum very soon - if people are interested.
It will focus on how much people would pay for a watch that has modern features like:
a) 1 ATM waterproofing.
b) 1.43" Amoled screen (this is the largest available amoled).
c) Our International firmware as default.
d) NFC secure pay
e) One front facing camera module for video calls (having two lowers the chance of waterproof capability and is really a “gimmick”).

I need to find out if there is enough interest in a watch with this type specification.
The main issue being the cost will likely rise to around USD $270 - $300 per watch for the end user.

It is a significant cost increase, however the functionality is much higher.

If there is an overwhelming positive response to this - we will discuss it with the brands, the OEMs and the solution provider.



There was some video from Mr ticwatch doing some waterproofing test with LEM 14 which I saw a few days ago and based on it I believed the watch was certainly a serious thing, at least for common use -I really wasn’t thinking about go swimming with it anyway.

On the other hand… I would not choice a watch like you’re describing, with Full Android System and a screen size so small, even if it will have NFC or waterproof capabilities. I mean, the screen is too many small, not only for my preferences on FAW, but my finger to fit inside it. On that case and having on mine that money amount too, I’d rather go for the tic watch pro 3 ultra or some similar, with a best adapted SO for that screen size. But maybe some with tiny fingers or a woman may be interested too -I don’t know, it’s my choice only, could be right or wrong, I don’t know really.
Thanks for the news spoiler!!:blush:

That’s fine.
It’s important to understand how many people are insisting on amoled screens, but yes - in my opinion the usable size of the screen is too small.

For a square screen it is possible to get a slightly larger amoled screen, but I think people forget that amoled screens always have a large black border around them and actual usable area of the screen is quite small indeed.

It’s not a news spoiler.
Nothing is going to happen unless there is a serious amount of people who are willing to pay a little more for a better product.

There are no plans at all to release a new MAX S, DM101 or LEMT, DM100

In fact, the future is looking pretty sad for the Full Android Watch unless something changes. It will just be more of the same type of product as there is now.
Which is why there are hardly any new devices.


I agree an Amoled screen of 1.43" is to small, i struggle with 1.6"


Well, I personally would be very interested in such a watch. If necessary, the problem of the small keyboard can be solved via voice input. NFC is something I’ve been missing for a long time. This would give Fullandroid watches a payment function and finally be better than Apple and Samsung watches in all areas.
Waterproofness, on the other hand, doesn’t matter to me.


Same,for me 1.43" is perefect, i would prefer a watch with no cameras and more colors like gold or rose gold, red, pink :heart_eyes: :blush:, why not wireless charging? Btw, i will never prefer any other smartwatches over the full ones even with higher prices. Waterproof gives,it durability, wireless charging and any app on it that is A WIN.

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Same here . I need a bright screed and NFC . Waterproof no :+1:


You can start from a design like this for you then, Sonia.
Link Removed.

No ,i dont use NFC and dont intend to,just another reason for cash to become obsolete,and a step closer to a police state and more freedoms taken away ,thats my opinion

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and if its a case we can use voice control because of small text,then you mays well get rid of the screen altogether cause its hard enough see things on a 1.6" screen…but then its supposed to be a watch isnt it?..i dont think a 1.43" amoled screen with NFC will increase sales in the slightest,but again thats my opinion and time will tell

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TBH we are a select few…if your like me, we like Gadgets, and the fact we can use our watches for things what 99% of people will just use there phone what they already have to do.and dont appreciate in the slightest what an android watch does when they have a phone with a big crystal clear display,premium quality camera that will take stunning images and everything a pc will do…why would they want to do that on a tiny ,less clear display like a watch…thats why people like samsung ,apple etc etc put all their efforts in to the fitness aspect of their watches and bluetooth connectivity as a second to there handsets…like i said we are a select few who appreciate full android watches and i dont think no matter what you do, the market of the select few like us will get much bigger,i have my watch because i do alot of walking as well and instead of a cumbersome phone in my pocket jangeling about and pulling my trousers down i can have it on my wrist everything that a phone does within reason

Ok thanks everyone.
Let’s stop this now and wait for the survey / poll.
This is not what I intended and my apologies for bringing it up.