Watchface with complication


Just got my Zeblaze Thor 4 and want to know if there are any watchfaces that have a complication like on Android wear.

I want to show the next events from my calendar and have a shortcut to an app.

Is it possible?

Or are there other good launcher to get this working?

Complications are no go on full android watches. Closest you can get is by installing /thread/1529/universal-launcher-new-generation-2 and using one of watch faces that has calendar support (ricktop added Calendar support some months ago)

With all the recent and coming updates to our watches skin engine, is there any chance we will be getting complications ?

We already have touch shortcuts to apps and settings ? Array 100


The apps need to installed on the watch for the shortcuts to work


Yes I know, but complications shows some live details from the linked app. E.g if you make a complication for the system timer, the time left for the timer will be shown in the watchface, and if you click it you will then get to the app and see it’s full interface. I would like to have a countdown timer in a watchface, which will alert me on timeout. It seems not doable at the moment, but with a complication, it would be possible.

We don’t have that on our watch faces.

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I realize that. My question was, is there any chance we will get that in the future ?

Nobody will be able to give you a binding answer to this question. Personally, I wouldn’t expect that in the near future.
But, just to have answered your question exactly: there is always a chance in the future.


Its always a chance, maybe in future it will be able to watchface engins and designers. Stay tune

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We are waiting quietly to see what innovations the future will bring…:wink: