WatchFace Designer v0.9.0 is released This version has a major addition:

WatchFace Designer v0.9.0 is released

This version has a major addition: it is now possible to export a watchface to a WatchMaker .watch file. This is still experimental and it does not support (yet) specific functionalities of WatchMaker, such as scripting, interactivity, custom formulas, etc. But it does allow to quickly convert a clockskin to a format that both out watches (with Eric’s launcher) and Android Wear supports. It also allows to select what happens in dim mode (on Android Wear devices) from a predefined list of dim modes (this is kinda slow, so if it seems blocked for a few seconds, don’t worry. It’s just slow :P). I appreciate your feedback on the current functionalities, bug reports and suggestions on what I can add. Just keep in mind that specific WatchMaker functionalities will not be implemented quickly as I still have to figure out a way on how to include them without sacrificing ClockSkin functionalities or making the UI harder to use.

Besides this major addition, a polygon layer was also added, allowing the creation of geometric polygons or stars. This one is a minor feature and will probably not be very used, but I never know…
Also, a Charging Icon Layer (array type 99) was also added, so that the icon (and battery percentage) can appear while the watch is charging. The icon and percentage rendering is device specific, so you can only select if you want a white or a black icon, but not the icon itself or the font used for the battery percentage.

Finally, some minor bugs were fixed and some other minor (I hope) bugs were probably introduced :slight_smile:

The download link is on the usual place:

@Marco_Ferreira Awesome work.
I write in the forum.

I’ve just fixed the bugs mentioned by +zsolt m on the forum, so version 0.9.1 is now available here:

Here’s the “what’s new”:
Version 0.9.1

  • Added support for shadow rotations (type 8, 9 and 10 of the ClockSkin rotations)
  • Fixed .watch file creation on windows (I had an error with the path separator, that in Windows is \ while on Linux is / and I usually only develop/test on Linux)

For all of you that already downloaded version 0.9.0, please download version 0.9.1, especially if you use Windows!

Cool! Working :slight_smile: I playing with, Thanks!

fantastic @Marco_Ferreira
you are amazing :slight_smile:

I really need to start learning how to use this…

dear developer! your program is just class! but could you make it in Russian?

@Roman_Roman maybe he needs a translator :slight_smile: ?
@Marco_Ferreira what do you think?

I didn’t take translations into consideration while I built it. I’ll see if it is feasible to implement it now or if it will take too much effort. And no, I definitely don’t speak Russian. Not even a word, I’m affraid…

I’m grateful to you! for your attention.

Here is the translations file. If you can translate it, and send it back to me then I’ll include it in the next WFD release.

unfortunately the downloaded file can not open!

You can open it using a text editor, such as Notepad++. The standard notepad that comes with windows is a bad choice because it can’t detect single-char line-breaks.

How can I get Watch face designer V0.9.0?

The download link is in the post.

Hi. First of all i must say this is great program. Works as a magic. I assume i miss it but can i add text layer in the design or any text or just add it as picture layer? Thanks for your reply and awesome work.

Thanks i downloaded it, will start to learn to use it!

@ys_ys there is a text layer. It’s the one used to mark the hours.

Hi, I watched your youtube video : watchface in 10minutes. I ahve some difficulty to understand the end when you write lines. are there other tutorial available?

Hello !
I would like to install your software but when I unzip it, I have several files but no install file for the software… Am I missing something.?..
Thank you !