WatchFace Designer v0.5.0 released.

WatchFace Designer v0.5.0 released.

This version has a lot of things added and fixed, such as:

  • Added DigitalClock rotation (so now date/hours/minutes/etc. can be tilted)
  • Added a Bump Source to the Emboss Effect. Now it’s possible to emboss by the brightness of the layer
  • Added a Decay Type to Noise Layers. It affects how the noise strength varies from maximum to 0.
  • Show jpeg files also when opening images
  • Added a ColorPicker on color properties
  • Added Undo/Redo functionalities
  • Added warnings when the user is about to loose changes
  • Added a new Effect: Colorize (single Color). Useful for B/W conversion, shadow creation, etc.
  • Added an option to import ClockSkin (incomplete, just as WFD is also incomplete. Ex: no Shadow rotation - remain static)

See the new functionalities here:

Read more, and download, at the forums:

@Marco_Ferreira Fantastic - thanks very much :slight_smile:

Oh!!! :slight_smile: Thank you for the good news!

Excellent. Thank you.

@tim_Collins lesson is - don’t pay for this stuff. I know that you have learned your lesson the hard way as well …

Downloaded and tested a little… i’m in shock! :wink: Amazing tool.

Thanks for the kind words. However, a bug has been found, and I’m ashamed to say that it was the save button, 1 line of code gone missing, that I didn’t noticed. Anyway, it’s fixed. The post on the forum has been updated. The new download link is here also:

@Marco_Ferreira Code lines always disappear. And no one knows why it’s happening and where they are running…

Yes. Maybe they are going to some sort of bad code conference, or bug code camp :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira @Jacek_Klodzinski some kind of conspiracy… :grin:

@Eric_Crochemore lol :slight_smile:

@Marco_Ferreira Thank you for your time to develop this amazing tool.

Is it possible in WFD to set individual rotation settings like math.sin(math.rad({drss}*20))*180
to animate a wheel to rotate 180° then stop and rotate back, line a pendulum?

@Manu_J Not possible to put formulas in WFD. Use watchmaker for that.

@Eric_Crochemore is there a way to use watchmaker watchfaces on a full android watch like Zeblaze,Lemfo,KW88?

@Manu_J Yes use my launcher.

@Eric_Crochemore I use Universal Launcher anyway already. But Watchmaker isn’t working.

@Eric_Crochemore Can I unzip the .watch file and then copy it in the clockskin folder?

@Manu_J just copy the .watch file to the clockskin folder (without unzipping).